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I won’t go into what this is in the interests of space but if you are interested, check the short and sweet explanation given here. But it wasn’t just the breakthroughs themselves that characterized this era.Suffice to say, it protected and even replenished nutrients in the soil rather than just drained them. The 13 century was also a period of self-revelation, when the human species began to realize that it was special. I would imagine that many of us, given our somewhat privileged existences and the commoditization of international transportation, have been to Europe and seen in one place or another gothic cathedrals – and if you have any sense of wonder whatever, have been in awe at the size, complexity and sheer magnificence of the creations.Alfonso X, not only sponsored original experimentation and research, but also was a hands-on researcher himself.His Libros de saber de Astronomia, which were astronomical tables that he and a research team he led compiled, were the industry-standard until Tycho Brae revised them in the 16 century.

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They were premised on a broad cultural optimism, which when articulated, said that each and every one of us was capable of what was called special revelation – a creative spark that could generate a new idea that could impact the course of things up to and including all civilization.

In fact, he’s often called the Father of Experimental Science (a lot more important than the Godfather of CRM. This idea, completely radical for the 13 century, was something that is now self-evident to us – the verification of hypotheses through observation, experience, methodological rigor and discovery.

You might think “bad start, Paul, what’s the big deal about that?

My voice, on the other hand, is not religious at all. Throughout his entire adult life at the core of his very being, Roger Bacon (1214-1292) believed that human beings had the ability to not only master the laws of nature but to even change them through invention and creation.

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His approach though wasn’t something carved from fantasy but was rooted in a rational science that was both derived from universal principles and supported via experimentation.

Here’s what that is: The very hallmark of continued human social existence has been that each of us as a human, has an infinite capacity to create something that in some way, incrementally and on occasion profoundly impacts the continued existence of society and the human species.

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