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We also had enough time to sit up in the balcony for the first third or so of the show, since we weren’t on until roughly halfway through.

Here we are anxiously waiting for the show to start: If we remember correctly, then we were the only submission that contained no overlap in terms of choreographer or troupe (meaning our troupe only had one entry by one choreographer and that choreographer had no other entries).

In the next attempt the passerby who took the photo for us never actually pressed the shutter button on the camera.

On the third attempt one dancer had wandered off to the bathroom (resulting in our official troupe photo being one dancer short), and by the time that person returned another three had also disappeared to the bathroom, and then it was showtime!

The unforeseen consequence of this decision is that few other troupes selected these same dances, and we were generally one of only three to five troupes on the floor at any given time.

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Pirmos Dziesmu svētkus brīvajā Latvijā sagatavo svētku rīcības komiteja ar prof. ...dziesmu svētkiem paliek un vienmēr paliks savs stiprais morāliskais, savs neapšaubāms politiskais spēks; tiem piešķirts uzdevums paralizēt tautas skaldīšanas procesu: dziesmā visi satiekas uz vienas platformas, vienā idejiski apvienotā frontē.

For eight of our dancers, the work started bright and early Friday morning with Jaundejas Meginajums(New Choreography Contest Rehearsal).

This gave us plenty of time to find a quiet corner for more last-second run throughs, to get back to the hotel for meals, digestion, showers, naps, costuming, etc before having to be back at the theatre for showtime.

On the other hand, it means that more than one person was literally kicked in the head during rehearsals, and some of us were a little nervous going in to the show. So that’s it: another Namejs Dziesmu Svetki for the record books. We would like to say a huge thanks to the festival organizers, who really did a brilliant job making sure that everything ran smoothly, and that we were as well rested, hydrated, and fed as possible.

As per usual, there was no real reason to worry, and the finale went off without a hitch. And thanks to all our friends and family for coming out to watch!

feature=oembed The show ended with a grand finale involving every dancer in the entire show coming out onto the floor at once and forming giant circles.