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Fortunately, Bill Enders, a member of the RCA team, had left that company and moved on to become a marketing VP at Magnavox in their New York sales offices.He had been thoroughly impressed with the demonstrations of the Brown Box.Called the Brown Box because of its simulated woodgrain self-adhesive covering, the Brown Box was used to take the project to the next and most important step: finding a licensee.Demonstrations were made to Cable TV system operators Teleprompter in 1968.Although the prices fluctuate constantly, an Odyssey generally sells at around these prices:- Under 0 for a complete one but untested.

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Meanwhile, Ralph worked mostly with Bob Fritsche, who had become Magnavox’ Odyssey program manager.

Magnavox gave them the use of their boardroom and one of their 19-inch TV sets; Ralph set up the TV, along with the Brown Box, the light gun, and the golf putting device.