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While Straub continued to work with Warner until 1970, she was also enlisted by Isabel Tisdall to create designs for the newly launched venture Tamesa Fabrics from 1964 – all designs were manufactured by Warner.

Aimed firmly at the contract and commercial market, Tamesa was highly successful in introducing alternatives to the prevailing fashion for bold pattern, instead focusing on texture, tone and high-specification fabrics.

The design – and variations of it – also featured in British Rail carriages of the period.

She continued to maintain her interest in cloth and weaving in retirement.

Probably woven by Kasthall workshop in Länna patterning . Condition: good,slight partial wear in some corners ,cleaned.

Double-sided rug from Sweden Double-sided rug from Sweden, possibly Taberg or Kasthall. 16200, herrur, 36 mm, stål/guld, automatisk, safirglas (skadat), datum, skadad urtavla, Jubileelänk, viklås, Ref nr. Josef Frank anses vara en av Sveriges största formgivare genom tiderna och hans verk är högt eftertraktade på auktion.

Not signed but designed "Vigo" Swedish flatwoven tapestry technique ( some rölakan ) rug. But, for such a noble and profoundly important profession, ‘How many handweavers do you know here in the west? ‘Few’ would be the answer, if one was to be sought.This is a simple matter of economics; one that has long pitted disparate interests against one another in the purist distillation of capitalism as an extension of basic (human) behaviour: competition.Double weave rug Double weave rug, possibly by Kasthall ateliers in Sweden.

The colors are mirror reversed on the other side as a result of the double weave technique. Woolen patterning wefts, Z2 spun, maybe some cow or goat hair.

Straub then began working as a consultant designer for the Welsh milling industry, advising 72 mills that were supported by the Rural Industries Bureau between 1934–7 and learning the skills of mass production.

Poland is a developed market and regional power as well as a possible emerging world power.… continue reading »

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He met with his pastor and worked his way into the subject of lust, and then adultery. Only the sacrament of marriage contains lust, Don.” Standing in the church parking lot, as a drizzle started, Phillips called the Olsen residence. I didn't want my husband in the way, even though he had driven to the airport to pick my lover up.… continue reading »

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