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13-Dec-2017 20:24

Laura, pictured in hospital whist recovering from treatment for her cancer, wants to help raise awareness about the disease and help readers find helpful hints and tips on how to cope with the 'obstacles fighting the big C can throw at you' Writing on her blog, she says: 'I vowed to make my battle with the big C as short and fun as possible.

I blog about my journey to remind you lot to check your boobies, raise awareness and tell my story' I have to give a MASSIVE thank you to Sarah (my super fab hairdresser) who was absolutely amazing with me today.

I have an amazing family, their love and support keeps me sane. However to my great relief, I have now discovered that my greatest fear of looking like Dappy from N-Dubz was in fact just a fear and not a reality. Now that I am feeling better, this weekend has been all about embracing my new look.

I have the best group of friends any girl could wish for and when Kenneth finally leaves me I know I will be the able to conquer anything life throws at me! As you can imagine it's quite difficult to know how to dress with no hair.

So began her inspiring blog about ‘chemo chic’, in which she cheerfully tells her devoted readers how bright red shoes mean ‘no one cares about the bald head’, and offers tips on how to distract from a ‘deathly pale’ post-chemotherapy complexion.

In the online diary, called Laura Louise and her Naughty Disease, Miss Cannon unflinchingly documented her course of chemotherapy, her decision to shave off her hair and her recovery from a double mastectomy.‘However, I don’t want to look like a poorly person when I go out for lunch or to see friends!

I am currently working my way through tubes and tubes of hand cream and nail oil. My nails are going black at the nail bed (attractive or what? I had been warned about this side effect but rather naively thought it wouldn't happen to me because I try to take such great care of my nails.

At the moment, Vaseline healthy hands and nail cream has been my cream of choice. I use nail oil, hand cream, protective base coats etc. This is particularly important to do the day before, the day of and the day after each treatment. In my case, I knew it was inevitable, but some people on different chemotherapy drugs keep their hair.

So you don’t have to worry about credit card fraud.

So I’ve been working on my chemo chic.’ And once her hair began to grow back, she wrote: ‘It is pretty difficult to feel feminine with hair this short.

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