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At the same time, Italian Renaissance art receives in-depth coverage, as does 17th century Baroque art, and 18th century Neoclassical art.

In addition, we also look at the history of crafts, like jewellery and fine furniture.

From 1,000 CE, we trace the development of Medieval architecture and sculpture through the Romanesque, and Gothic periods, while painting is explored through the Sienese School and International Gothic styles.

We explain the difference between trecento, quattrocento and cinquecento paintings.

Our guide to Modern Art lists all the trends and schools of the modern period.

Important styles explored include: Impressionism (1874-84), Post-Impressionism (1880-1900), Fauvism (1905-7), Expressionism (1905-14), Cubism (1908-14), Surrealism (1923-present) and Pop art (1960s).

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• For everyday scenes, see: Best Genre Painters.

Beginning with Mesopotamian art (c.4500 BCE onwards), it includes the sculpture and frescos of Classical Antiquity, notably those of Greek art and Roman art.

For the history of Asian art and culture, see Chinese Art Timeline (c.18,000 BCE - present).

According to the inscription on the "Pieta" (1490) in Barcelona Cathedral he was born in Cordoba, although his style is unlike that of other Andalusian painters.

Indeed, his work does not readily suggest the influence of any particular school.

We provide biographies of ALL major 19th century painters including: masters from the French Barbizon Landscape School, like Corot, Theodore Rousseau, Millet and Daubigny, as well as American painters of the Hudson River School (Thomas Cole, Frederic Church), and exponents of Luminism.