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As her eyes focused on the lights below, the pilot's voice suddenly came to life over the loudspeaker. Will I disappoint HER." Shaking her head to dislodge the questions she had no answers to, she fussed with her hair and makeup, making sure everything was perfect.

"Ladies and gentleman, if you look to your right, you will see the Space Needle lit up for the holiday season. Sitting up straighter, she realized she had been lost in thought for almost 10 mins and the plane was getting ready to touch down. Telling herself how stupid this was, she climbed into bed.

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We want to hear “my little fuck toy” come directly from Mistress, not from Tasha’s imagination. Mistress should have that talent, not her submissive.

The steamy books, which have been dubbed 'mummy porn', detail the sadomasochistic affair between wealthy entrepreneur Christian Grey and naïve literature student Anastasia Steele and has its many readers, including Victoria Beckham, hooked on their sexy exploits.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK", she yelled, as she allowed herself to fall face first onto her bed. Tasha felt a sudden rush of heat, not only to her face but to her pussy as well. Unable to tolerate it any more she began to strip down to her panties. Tasha sat completely still, her breathing coming fast and hard. Tasha finally found the panties constricting and quickly shimmied out of them.

Her other hand finds a nipple and begins to pull and pinch.Please feel free to leave feedback, and comments to help me inprove. **** ***** Prologue Tasha sighed loudly and suddenly shifted in her seat, earning her a quick glance from her fellow traveler seated next to her.With an apologetic smile, she turned and stared out the airplane window.Tasha begins to moan even louder than before as her fantasy mistress presses her lips against her ear. I know a little slut like you can't help it." With those words, Tasha's fingers fly to her clit and she begins to rub in small hard circles while continuing to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy. Suddenly, the world falls away and she is cumming harder than she ever has.

She feels a sudden wetness on her palm, but is too far gone to wonder about it.With a sigh, she turns on her side, hand still trapped between her legs. Mistress was everything I imagination, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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