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"Scammersomeone stating they were with the Federal Officers Association and asking for donations- Refused to provide a fax with letterhead detailing the association and what the funds would be used for so we could verify the information Received a call on my cell number at : am - The recording said the number is from RELIABLE CREDIT, the number is , It was a recorded message- This is a Boise, Idaho number - I live in northern Washington- Do not and have any reason to deal with , now or in the past ,this company Received () calls from this number on the same day, I answered the first call, but they did not respond, They called back several hours later, but I did not answer at that time, The caller never left a message All I got from him was that he was calling from Euler and wanted to talk to my CFO about our accounts receivables, I asked him to be more specific but all he would say is that he just had a question about our accounts receivable, yeah, you're not getting through until you tell me why you're calling, I'm not going to bug my CFO over a "question"Keeps calling our business- I called back and spoke to someone there who just tried to get as much information about our company as possible- Would not tell the reason for calling, simply we have business accounts, Would not take me off call list when I asked- Very annoying No, But watch out, Apparently there like a identity theft thing, they probably charge your account like a dollar or so, I got charge dollar then like , Transactions, Still trying to figure what the is going on I have no idea why this fax machine is calling my office phone-but it has gone on ALL DAY every seconds to three minutes apart- I blocked the call number but it is still somehow leaving messages of fax noises in my voicemail- It has filled up the space on my voicemail three times today My interaction with this number was similar- it started as follows via text:"Hello seller, How are you doing today? I made no such inquiry- When I ask to be removed from the calling list she just hung upi had a call from my mum in Ghana Africa and this number showed up- it is usually her cell phone that will appear- what i am thinking is if you receive call from this number, it must be an international call from a legitimate person or a telemarketing company based in outside USI called the number back to tell them to stop calling my job- The guy who answered said he was not the collection agency he was the one who files the claim? Then, when I answered, there was an odd, awkward pause, some incoherent mumbling, and then whoever it was HUNG UP ON ME! pretty much the same M-O- as above-claims to be a marine from camp pendleton- wants to get "your item" as a surprise gift for his son-stated "I accept your price and will be adding for shipping fee, so get back to me now with your paypal email for an instant payment- you can set it up at www-paypal-com on your phone browser or computer- what time should i text you back? ll be loosing business and if he ever changes his number and starts calling again we can start all over again Caller ID says only "Rhode Island"- They asked for the (previous) owner by name- I told him he no longer works here- He said the name of the company he was calling from was Jackson and ("something"), I was not about to give him the name of the new owner and set myself up for future solicitations so I just put him on hold,he hung up,these calls are so annoying I received a call again today this time from , The person ont he line told me I won air miles and wanted to know my credit card information-i asked for the company information and he gave me the following Northern Pacific - From Winnipeg They help people subscribe to magazinestheir contact number in winnipeg is -, a supervisor to ask for is "Jude"I caleld the number back (the - number they called me from) and I got the EXACT SAME voice recording as when i called , yesterday the line picked up and said "Customer Service Will contact You"I missed a call from this company on April nd, - I have no idea why a company from Texas would be calling me- The company is named Davita Rx and they provided pharmaceutical solutions for dialysis patients- They didn't leave a message but my voicemail wasn't set up yet either so who knows- I just like the implied intrigue involved with investigating this call and implying that something out of the ordinary has taken place- Its actually quite thrilling- Good luck and God's speed to you all They called today and said if I don't call them he will be forced to make my decision for me- Told me to have me or my lawyer call him back- Yea right don't think so dude I pay my bills- Stop using scare tactics on people Got a call from this number on a Sunday morning a text wanted meto call with my Bank of America info because of a problem with my account- I think i will call after they hold thier breath a little longercalled stating she was a private residence looking for someone to do heating- but when I told her someone had to call her back, she wasn't interested- Not sure if this was real or scam to see if number was active- She was extremely rude The Montgomery Co- Career Fire Fighters Association- They help raise funds for victims of fires, school assembly's, every year they raise money for the Washington DC Burn Unit for research, they give a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research in October when the fire fighters wear pink- Of course there is some overhead- I wonder how much overhead there is for the wounded warriors foundation featuring Tim Mc Graw, Mark Whalburg, etc- If you chose to give to the MCCFFA, the only legal way is to make a check out to the MCCFFA , drop it in an envelope, and tape it to the front door for the MCCFFA representative to pick up the next day- The money stays in Montgomery County- They usually only call people who have given in the past once a year, but if they need more help for these community programs you may receive calls a year- The volunteer fire fighters say that they fundraise for equipment and training- But these things are funded by tax dollars- Give to whomever you wish, or don't give at all- It's your choice and it won't effect the response time of the firefighters, or how they treat you I continue to receive calls from this number to one of my toll-free numbers, and they always hang up when the voice mail picks up- They run up my phone bill each time they use that number, and I'd like it to stop The person texted me saying she is named Debbie yrs old looking for romance - claims she is in amirelo Texas however the number is an Oak Creek or South Milwaukee, WI number - when she first started she said her name was Debbie then changed it to Amanda then changed it back to Debbie lololol Damond's Quality Lawn Care() -gutterscolumbusoh-info S th St, Columbus, OH DDThe company cares about quality of work We do the job right the first time, and we never leave a mess or debris on the ground- Also, as an added bonus, estimates are always free Guttering, Gutters, Gutter Cleaning Service, Gutter Gaurds, Gutter Repairs These pests have been calling for weeks now and they keep trying different times of the day and skip the days around as well but these fly's just keep calling again and again morning afternoon or night-I'm sick of all these calls they are even allowed to pester us with- Never leave a message- from Detriot, Mi I've received six calls from this number in the last ten minutes and many more calls throughout the day- No one answer's when I pick up- It's very annoying and on the verge of harrassment Please do something to make it stop-Thanks A text came to my phone from this number and it was a scam- I sell Mary Kay and the text requested that I email the following address so that they could send me their list- This has been attempted before- This is the email provided: mailto:email THIS COMPANY WAS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD INSTALLING WINDOWS-CAME TO DOOR AND WAS TOLD WE ALREADY HAVE NEW WINDOWS AND NOW THEY CALL US EVERYDAY TO SCHEDULE AN APPT, THEY MUST HAVE RAN OUR ADDRESS THRU GOOGLE AND GOT OUT NAMES-I FINALLY ANSWERED TODAY AND TOLD THEM WE WILL CHARGE THEM WITH HARRASSMENT IF THEY CALL AGAINCID says DOS PALOS, CA- I got calls from this area code today Did not answer because I don't know who is calling- No message- I'm certain it was some kind of scammer since those are the only calls I get any more This is a scam and all are fraud here,the firm is operated by Indians-from India-Ahmedabad City Mr Dhruvin Patel is handling the merchant there-and mr Babulal Thummar is owner of merchant in USA-filed a big complaint in BBB todaywrite to them and tell them to stop- It's about a medical or hospital bill you are refusing to pay M A I L I N G A D D R E S SFMA Alliance, Ltd- North Freeway Suite Houston, TX Get Directions T E L E P H O N E A N D F A C S I M I L E() - Toll Free() - Local() - Facsimile N A T I O N A L M A R K E T I N G E X E C U T I V E STami Birner Financial Services Executive Houston, TX() -Michael Burkett Healthcare Services Executive Houston, TX() -Shelley Carney Healthcare Services Executive Dallas, TX() Text Message to my cell phone states: CU West alert- Please call , I have received several texts like this since September - DO NOT call them This is a phishing scheme to attempt to collect your personal information, credit card numbers, account numbers, etc- Vantage West Credit Union has posted this on their website: A fraudulent email was sent early Wednesday, January , to members as well as nonmembers- This email requested that individuals provide their personal information- As a reminder, Vantage West Credit Union would never request personal information in this manner- See website for copy of the phishing email: www-vwestcu-org home security January Fishing Caller said he was from Bank of America and I had won - million dollars but I had to pay - by green dot card you can get at cvs, Walgreens or Walmart- I told him if this a a True win, I would not giving him - and then I called Bank of America, they had no clue of what I was saying- SCAMAnother scam- Called by a fast talker who claimed I completed an online survey- Then quickly jumped to wanting to verify my information and that the call would be recorded- When I told him I never completed a curvey and was not going to share any information, he hung up- B E W A R E of this caller I called the number back - woman answered hello - no business name- Ask who they were and why they were calling my number she said it was in relation to a email inquiry to working from home ?

Im excited about this way to make extra income o-line, go see it www-incomefromhome-com-There is so much stolen identity and scams that I do not go anywhere that I do not know nor solicited The message was a computer saying that there was an important IRS matter- I returned the call, they tried to inform me that the IRS was pursuing me in a tax evaision case- The guy couldn't even speak english Don't give them ANY personal information Now I'm calling him times a day- He doesn't seem to like it very much, keeps hanging up on me I just got the same person calling me- Monotone voice and low volume- Said I'd called they last Tuesday to claim my prize- (I had NOT called anyone) He was insistant until I hung up on him- He called back more times- First time I answered and said "what are you calling me for????

t working properly or you clicked a suspicious link online or in an email message-Learn more about Windows Defender Will Microsoft ever call me?

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