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14-Dec-2017 19:53

The left-wing grass roots of the Democratic party are increasingly hostile to Israel, something that became clear in 2012 when the delegates at the Democratic National Convention revolted against their leadership’s efforts to include in the party platform a recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.The delegates booed loudly and rejected the measure in a voice vote while the convention chairman ignored the crowd and declared that the measure had passed. Congressional Democrats also demonstrated the limits of their sympathy for Israel during the debate over the Iran nuclear deal. has sadly just ruled out “maybe everything” as a possibility.first tied to Booker by Page Six last month, turned up in an Open Public Records Act request filed by Gawker for the infamously private New Jersey senator’s correspondence.

The exchange started when Booker playfully ribbed Kaling for a scene in the most recent episode of in which she referenced him and took a jab at Newark. ) pic.twitter.com/FSwfkxen QJ— Cory Booker (@Cory Booker) March 23, 2017 Feeling emboldened by Kaling’s response, Booker went big and just straight-up asked Kaling to go to dinner with him in Newark.

Kaling then assured him that her TV alter ego, Mindy Lahiri, has pretty bad judgment, and so if she talks shit about something that probably means it’s actually good. Maybe he’s just playing the role of cultural ambassador to mitigate future trash talk about his constituents, but the heart emoji and use of a #Please Say Yes suggest the senator from New Jersey might just be feeling himself and is ready to risk public rebuke from Kaling in pursuit of a date.